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"A beautifully written story of intrigue."
   —Elizabeth Pleseon

A blend of suspense, mystery, political intrigue and romance, Firebird explores the universal themes of love, loss, courage and redemption.

At its heart, Firebird is the story of a woman mourning the death of her estranged sister, and a man who has sacrificed everything for love of his country.

Dr. Alexandra Marik, a single mother and art gallery curator, is haunted by her past and the sudden, inexplicable death of her older sister. Ivan is a lonely, secretive Russian spy who has been "forgotten" since the chaos of Glasnost. Their lives are about to collide.

It is October, just weeks before the Presidential election. A controversial Senator has replaced an ailing Vice President on the Republican ticket...

Just miles from the White House, the funeral of Alexandra's sister, Eve, is about to begin, while, in a forest far to the north, the man called Ivan is mourning Eve's death as well.

Alexandra's quest for the truth behind her sister's death will expose a decades-old political secret that must be protected at all costs to allow Ivan to complete his mission. Her search will test her courage, challenge her concepts of family, surprise her with unexpected romance, and propel her to risk her own life to protect the children she loves.

Firebird brooch

Inspiration behind the Firebird brooch

Several years ago, when I was writing Firebird, my husband and I had dinner at the (now closed) Firebird restaurant in NYC. That night he bought me a beautiful costume-jewelry brooch of a firebird. This brooch became an integral part of my plot—worn by a Russian ballet dancer in the prologue. Dance, and the brooch, propel Firebird’s story of cold war secrets, political intrigue, courage and love.

Firebird is now available via Oceanview Publishing as an ebook.

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Helaine Mario

Praise for Firebird

"I could not put this book down! Absolute page turner. Smartly written, great characters and plot. This author really knows how to put the reader into the action with her vividly descriptive scenes. I truly cared about the characters, (loved Jules). Cliffhangers kept the pages turning. If you like mystery, political intrigue and a little romance this book is for you! Great job! Great book!" 5 Stars
   —Amazon reader

"Firebird will charm while it leaves you breathless!" 5 Stars
   —E. Pleseon

"Having been a long-time fan of Robert Ludlum and Helen MacInnes, I am delighted to find an author who is a worthy successor to them both." 5 Stars
   —By Gail M.

"The dance continues from ancient history to present times... Another amazing book from this author! Highly recommend." 5 Stars
   —Susan Bratus

"Filled with great characters and a plot that never stops twisting and turning. A great read that you won't want to put down." 5 Stars
   —Su-z Schneider