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"As much about art as music, [Dark Rhapsody] reveals the transformative power of both."
   —Library Journal

Thank you for visiting my beautiful website, and welcome. I have written the suspense novels that I wanted to read—Firebird, The Lost Concerto (view the trailer!), and Dark Rhapsody. I write not about what I know, but about what I love—music, dance, art, the performing arts, history, romance, and international suspense.

Intelligent and complex characters deserve intelligent and complex plots. They deserve to be set in beautiful, evocative settings. Classical music sets my stories apart, enriching them with emotion and heart. I am passionate about these suspenseful but character-driven stories and like to say that my books really are "love stories masquerading as thrillers." I want to be a storyteller forever.


Shadow Music
Maggie O'Shea Mysteries, Book 3

The third Maggie O'Shea mystery will be published next summer by Oceanview Publishing! In this classical music series, pianist Maggie O'Shea is drawn to Cornwall in a dangerous search for a missing journalist and a priceless, long-lost Van Gogh. Decades old secrets from World War II Paris hold many of the answers, but only two people know where the Van Gogh is hidden now—a courageous nun, and a man presumed dead. Past and present will collide as three ruthless Russians, determined to find the Van Gogh, threaten Maggie's new-found life. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 is at the heart of this haunting tale of loss, vengeance, and enduring love. Music tells our stories.

Helaine Mario

Dark Rhapsody

Dark Rhapsody

Maggie O'Shea Mysteries, Book 2

My latest book, Dark Rhapsody, published by Oceanview Publishing, is the second book in the Maggie O'Shea Mystery series and the sequel to The Lost Concerto. Perfect for fans of Sandra Brown and Iris Johannsen.

Four compelling stories. Seemingly disparate, yet all connected. All destined to collide.

Chord by chord, Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody will become the heart of this story of profound loss, courage and love. Music tells our stories...

(Note—author royalties will be donated to The Helaine and Ronald Mario Fund to support women, children and families.)

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