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"The gorgeously enigmatic Shadow Music is pure Helaine Mario.
Gripping, intense and lyrical, this is a heartbreaking journey wrapped in a page-turning mystery."
   —Author Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thank you for visiting my beautiful website, and welcome. I have written the suspense novels that I wanted to read—Firebird, The Lost Concerto (2024 American Legacy Book Award Winner, Library Journal Star, don't miss the video), Dark Rhapsody (Best Book Mystery & Suspense, 2018), Shadow Music (IPPY, NIEA and Foreword Indie Gold Medals for Suspense), and Echoes on the Wind. I write not about what I know, but about what I love—music, dance, art, the performing arts, history, romance, and international suspense.

Intelligent and complex characters deserve intelligent and complex plots. They deserve to be set in beautiful, evocative settings. Classical music sets my stories apart, enriching them with emotion and heart. I am passionate about these suspenseful but character-driven stories and like to say that my books really are "love stories masquerading as thrillers." I want to be a storyteller forever.

Helaine Mario

Echoes on the Wind

Echoes on the Wind

Maggie O'Shea Suspense Series, Book 4
Now Available in Paperback


In 1943 war-torn France, a young woman on the Night Train to Paris has a chance meeting with two very different men who will change her life, setting in motion a Dual Timeline story that will resonate like ripples on water for generations to come.

Many years later, classical pianist Maggie O'Shea is drawn to Brittany by a long-lost letter from her French grandmother and the stirring music of Chopin, whispering like echoes across the years. Before Maggie can discover the secrets of her past, her life spirals out of control as a ruthless killer named Dane reappears to threaten her upcoming wedding and those she loves.

Past and present converge in this haunting tale of loss and sacrifice, friendship and family, courage and survival—and the transcendent power of hope, music and love.

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